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How Magnetrol® Radar Level Transmitters Differentiate Themselves

The best radar level transmitters for any application have strong performance, versatility, advanced diagnostics, and are easy to use. Learn more about how Magnetrol® radar transmitters fulfill these requirements. Continue reading

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A Lower-Cost Radar Level Transmitter Monitors Tough Applications

Radar technology for liquid level control is reliable, but often expensive. Learn more about the Magnetrol® Model R82, a cost-effective radar level transmitter designed for challenging applications. Continue reading

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Determining The Right Radar Level Measurement Device for Your Application

What radar level measurement technology is right for your application? Magnetrol® Global Product Manager Bob Botwinski explores the considerations for choosing between guided wave radar and non-contact radar. Continue reading

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The Formidable Team of Guided Wave Radar and Non-Contact Radar

Guided wave radar and non-contact radar are two technologies that make a formidable level measurement team. Learn more in this blog post. Continue reading

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Customer Case Study: Pulse Burst Radar “Levels” Competition for Chemical Waste Tank Process Control

Our customer case studies illustrate how our proven level and flow controls are helping industry leaders improve the safety of their mission-critical applications. This recent case study demonstrates that pulse burst radar technology can provide a highly reliable level control … Continue reading

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Pulse Burst Radar (Non-Contact Radar) Can Be a Cost-Effective Alternative Compared to Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic level control technology has been valued as a cost-effective through air level control solution. Process engineers recognize that radar level transmitters outperform ultrasonic units, but have found the cost of radar difficult to justify. Magnetrol® developed the Model R82 … Continue reading

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Application Considerations When Specifying Pulse Burst Radar (Non-Contact Radar) for Liquid Level Sensing

Assessing your level instrumentation needs correctly is essential for process efficiency and performance. To do this, it’s important to have an understanding of the many liquid level sensing technology options available – as well as the pros and cons of … Continue reading

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Liquid Level Sensing With Pulse Burst Radar (Non-Contact Radar) Technology

Process industry operations face questions of level instrumentation technology daily. Whether specifying liquid level controls for a greenfield facility or upgrading existing instrumentation for improved efficiencies in an existing plant, instrumentation and control managers must stay abreast of numerous technology … Continue reading

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