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A New Resource for Understanding Thermal Mass Flow Measurement

Magnetrol has launched a new online resource that explores thermal mass flow measurement solutions and applications. Learn more about what the site has to offer. Continue reading

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter Applications

Because of their properties of direct mass flow rate measurement, low flow sensitivity, wide turndown and low pressure drop, thermal mass flow meters can improve process control in many applications. Continue reading

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Direct Mass Flow Rate Measurement for Industrial Process Applications

Thermal mass flow technology, a more recent approach to gas flow measurement, does not require correction for changes in process temperature and offers many advantages over other, more traditional, methods of measuring mass flow rate. Continue reading

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Direct Measurement of Mass Flow Rate in Industrial Process Operations

Increasingly, industrial process operators are recognizing the advantages of the direct measurement of mass flow rate for monitoring gases. The following article discusses the difference between volumetric flow and mass flow measurement for gas control applications, and is excerpted from … Continue reading

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Customer Case Study: Thermal Dispersion Technology Helps Utility Meet Federal Environmental and Health Regulations

Many water quality plants are using flow controls to help achieve critical operational goals. This recent case study shows how thermal dispersion flow meters can help your plant ensure compliance with stringent government regulations. The Challenge Instrumentation plays a pivotal … Continue reading

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Mass Flow Measurement in Large Pipes And Ducts: Assessing an Effective Mass Flow Technology Solution

The larger the diameter of a pipe, stack or duct, the greater the likelihood of significant flow velocity profile distortions. In these highly skewed flow conditions, a single point flow meter won’t do the job. So, what’s the best mass … Continue reading

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