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  1. mech07 says:

    I’ve seen your post on advantages of GWR level transmitter over DP level transmitter. But I would like to know that is there any application where DP is preferred over GWR? And if so can you please tell me why?


    • Magnetrol International says:


      I would not say there is a specific application(s) where DP Level Transmitters are preferred over Guided Wave Radar. More often than not, there are multiple factors that play into the decision of which technology to use such as media, turbulence, debris, temperatures, measurement span, etc. In addition, with the use of capillaries and diaphragm seals, DP transmitters can easily be fitted into many of the same level applications where GWR is used.

      From my prior knowledge, typically pressure transmitters are found more commonly in the field where plant engineers and technicians are familiar with DP operation, calibration and maintenance.

      I am sure you have seen an overview of the DP vs GWR but here are a few comments regarding each technology.

      Pressure transmitters vs. Guided Wave Radar
      – DPL is an inferred level measurement based on head pressure; GWR is a direct measurement – the level is seen directly on the probe.

      – With DP, changes in the process specific gravity and vapor pressure will affect the inferred level measurement; GWR is not effected by SG or vapor pressure

      – Capillaries and diaphragm seals increase temperature limits, allow use in applications with debris and turbulence, and extend the reach of process connections, but it will also add additional costs and potentially increase measurement error

      – DP calibration must be done with transmitter installed and process running to set high and low range points; There is no calibration required for GWR. Simple configuration can be done on the bench before installation

      If you have any further questions or would like to discuss a specific application please contact me @

      Thank you,


  2. Felix says:

    Hello, I need password for factory reset magnetrol eclips 706 s / n: 11437302001
    the user’s password has been changed and forgotten


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