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Ultrasonic Level Measurement Technology Replaces Tuning Fork for International Oil and Gas Company

Ultrasonic level measurement is more reliable than competitive technologies such as tuning forks. Learn more about how ultrasonic technology helped an international oil and gas company monitor its plants in this blog post. Continue reading

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Guided Wave Radar Helps Drive Performance for Oil Well Cementing Trucks

Oil well cementing trucks need reliable measurement in order to maintain accurate mixing and storage tank levels. Read the story of how Magnetrol® guided wave radar technology helped one company with this level control challenge. Continue reading

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Level and Flow Wellhead Instrumentation Enhances Safety and Performance

Reliable wellhead instrumentation for level and flow control is critical to efficient processing and safety shutdown systems. The following wellhead production stream applications offer opportunities to realize better performance from your wellhead equipment, using level and flow measurement. Continue reading

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Eclipse® Model 706 Guided Wave Radar Transmitter Now With Modbus Protocol

Magnetrol has released the Eclipse Model 706 guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter configured with Modbus protocol — enabling Eclipse to offer advanced liquid and interface level control to ensure accuracy, efficiency, reliability and ease of use for unconventional oil and gas processing and other applications. Continue reading

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