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A Lower-Cost Radar Level Transmitter Monitors Tough Applications

Radar technology for liquid level control is reliable, but often expensive. Learn more about the Magnetrol® Model R82, a cost-effective radar level transmitter designed for challenging applications. Continue reading

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Key Questions Answered About Industrial Level Measurement

Industrial level measurement technology has changed over the past decade. Read Magnetrol® technology specialist Kenny Heidel’s thoughts on the state of industrial level technology today. Continue reading

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Technologies for Liquid Interface Level Measurement

Liquid level interfaces are used in a variety of processing applications. The need for interface level measurement arises whenever immiscible liquids–those incapable of mixing—reside within the same vessel. This blog post discusses available technologies for liquid interface level measurement. Continue reading

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Level Measurement Techniques: Minimizing Guided Wave Radar Probe Buildup

Learn simple, yet effective, level measurement techniques for minimizing guided wave radar probe buildup. Helpful information for natural gas, condensate and crude processing level control applications. Continue reading

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