Magnetrol® Offers Level Measurement Solutions for Seal Pots

In industries such as petroleum, natural gas, and chemical processing, seal pots serve the fundamental purpose of storing fluid that is intended to provide protection to expensive rotating equipment, as in the case of lubricating fluids going to the seal chamber of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Measuring and ensuring proper liquid levels in seal pots protects this associated equipment. Level measurement plays a critical role in the sealing system in terms of safety, reliability, environmental impact and raising the bottom line.

Presenting Seal Pot Level Solutions 

MAGNETROL recently had the opportunity to share the value of level instrumentation in seal pots in compliance with API 682 with a local audience. The Will-DuPage chapter of the International Society for Automation (ISA), an association for automation engineering and technology professionals, hosted its annual tabletop show on March 8. MAGNETROL global product manager Tom Kemme gave a technical seminar at this show, entitled “Seal Pot Level Techniques.”

seal pots

The Magnetrol® tabletop display at the ISA show.

The seminar, as well as the tabletop display of MAGNETROL products, provided a chance to show expertise in a common process industry application and demonstrate excellence in level measurement. MAGNETROL has been an integral part of its local ISA section for decades and is committed to the ISA mission of improving the safety and management of automation control systems.

More Information

For more information on level measurement solutions for seal pots, download the seal pots brochure, visit the ECHOTEL site, or contact Tom Kemme directly at

ultrasonic level measurement 2

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