Case Studies in Improving Level Measurement at Ethylene Plants

In ethylene plants, balancing environment, health and safety is essential while maximizing productivity. Each part of the ethylene production process has its own challenges and considerations when it comes to monitoring level and ensuring safety and efficiency. Proper level instrumentation can improve this process and bring peace of mind to plant operators.

Magnetrol® produces a wide range of level instrumentation that can be used in ethylene plants. This blog post features the stories of two ethylene plants that were able to better manage their processes using MAGNETROL instrumentation.

Case Study #1: Visual Level Indication In Cryogenic Applications

An ethylene plant in China required a clear visual indication of level from challenging cryogenic applications including methane, ethane, ethylene and propylene. Specific gravity in these applications ranged from 0.3-0.8. The plant needed a level indicator that could withstand these challenging conditions and provide unobstructed visual indication.

ethylene plants

The Atlas™ magnetic level indicator.

The Orion Instruments® Atlas™ Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) has physical floats in the MLI chamber that can simultaneously meet cryogenic and low specific gravity requirements. The careful float design allows level to be tracked accurately even as temperature and specific gravity shifts.

Cryogenic visual flags or indicators, also known as frost shields, prevent frosting to provide a clear visual indication of liquid level. By using ATLAS in their applications, the plant was able to obtain the clear visual level indication that was required.

Case Study #2: Meeting Safety Requirements

A refinery and petrochemical facility in Canada that primarily produces ethylene needed to upgrade its level measurement devices to meet safety regulations. The facility’s reliability and safety groups needed level devices that met SIL requirements for emergency shutdown (ESD) and safety systems. Both SIL 1 and SIL 2 applications exist at this site.

The facility needed to implement proof test procedures for their instrumentation and control devices to meet safety loop requirements. One proof test requirement was for the mA output to be set below 4 mA and above 20 mA; this was the necessary output range to meet the NAMUR NE43 recommendation.

The ORION Jupiter® JM4 magnetostrictive transmitter was chosen to fulfill these requirements. It allowed current output to be taken low or high per NAMUR NE43. The advanced diagnostics of the JM4 allowed users to pull echo curves from the transmitter display or access them externally using a PC by wiring into the current loop.

More Information

MAGNETROL offers numerous level and flow solutions for ethylene applications. To learn more about the products we offer and how they can help increase the efficiency and safety of ethylene plants, download our ethylene brochure.

ethylene brochure

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