E3 Modulevel® Displacer Level Transmitter Outperforms Torque Tubes

For continuous liquid level measurement, many operators turn to a displacer level transmitter to monitor their applications. The two main technologies that are used as displacer level transmitters are torque tubes and range spring/LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) technologies. There are substantial advantages to range spring/LVDT technologies over torque tubes. Magnetrol® produces a range spring displacer level transmitter, the E3 Modulevel®, which is suitable for a wide range of applications, from light hydrocarbons to viscous slurries. Below are some of the many reasons why the E3 MODULEVEL is the superior choice for liquid level measurement:

displacer level transmitter

E3 Modulevel® displacer level transmitter

Advantages of the E3 Modulevel®

  • Increased sensor motion. MAGNETROL displacer transmitter output is produced by 1¼ inches of sensor movement, almost twice as much motion compared to the ⅝ of an inch of sensor movement that produces torque tube output. This increased motion leads to a stable output without a need for artificial damping or flow restriction.
  • Greater output stability. Torque tubes are generally oversensitive, producing an unstable output. The range spring technology in a MAGNETROL displacer level transmitter dampens the effect of vibration and turbulence. Not only does this result in an output with four times the stability, it also provides reliable measurement for tougher applications.
  • Decreased wear and tear. Torque tubes are constructed with a knife-edge bearing that leads to a point of stress, where wear and tear can significantly damage the function of the instrument. Vertical range spring movement is friction-free, eliminating the potential for wear and tear.
  • A smaller footprint. E3 MODULEVEL transmitters weigh 30% less than torque tubes, and are more compact, for a smaller footprint in the application and easier maintenance.
  • Enhanced remote mount capabilities. The E3 MODULEVEL can be mounted up to 400 feet away from the application and still perform at top levels. In contrast to that, torque tubes must be mounted no more than 30 feet away from the application in order to function.
  • Flexibility. Unlike a torque tube, the head of the E3 MODULEVEL can be removed without depressurizing the process or chamber if maintenance is required. In addition, the head can also be rotated 360° to accommodate any installation. Torque tubes must have their installation angle specified during manufacture and cannot be changed in the application.

More Information
For more information on the E3 MODULEVEL and how it can help improve the efficiency of your application, visit e3modulevel.magnetrol.com.

displacer level transmitter

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