Measurement Technology for Hygienic Process Equipment

In order to maintain high standards of cleanliness, sterility and process control, the food and beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries need reliable measurement solutions for their hygienic process equipment. Hygienic level and flow instrumentation is manufactured from microbe-resistant materials and designed to withstand aggressive chemicals and sterilization. Magnetrol® has created a line of hygienic products to provide reliable, repeatable measurement while maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of the process environment.

Guided Wave Radar

Since ingredients in the food and beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries may be very valuable, it’s crucial to make sure that the level and volume of these ingredients is hygienic process equipment 1precisely measured. Guided wave radar (GWR) technology can provide this precision for hygienic process equipment. MAGNETROL produces the Eclipse® GWR transmitter for accurate, continuous monitoring of level and volume in a tank. The transmitter is encased in a 304 stainless steel housing designed specifically for hygienic applications. The ECLIPSE probe can be constructed to conform to the exact shape of a tank or vessel, ensuring that it can measure to very low retention levels.

Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Using an ultrasonic level measurement device can help operators detect a maximum high level in a tank or storage vessel. The MAGNETROL Echotel® transmitter is unaffected by any turbulence that may develop during the mixing or blending process. Challenging process conditions may exist, such as aeration and suspended solids. These challenges can be overcome by using pulsed signal circuitry, which does not need to be configured for different media densities. The ECHOTEL also has excellent immunity from sources of electrical noise interference, reducing the possibility of false measurement readings.

Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Measurement

A thermal dispersion mass flow switch, such as the MAGNETROL Thermatel® Model TD2, can detect the presence or absence of liquid at the bottom of the vessel. Thermal mass flow switches can also be used for pump protection or to detect flow/no-flow in pipelines. The TD2 can be used in applications where a high viscosity liquid might plug up an ultrasonic unit’s transducer gap. It is specifically designed for easy wipe down and its sensor is free of cracks and crevices where microbes might hide.

By combining multiple technologies, such as the three mentioned in this article, industry operators can ensure the safety and efficiency of their hygienic process equipment.

More Information

MAGNETROL has produced a video on hygienic instrumentation and its applications. For more information on the technologies described in this article, view the video.

hygienic process equipment 2

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