Level and Flow Measurement Applications for Hygienic Process Equipment

Hygienic level and flow instrumentation is used throughout the food, beverage, wine, spirits, and brewing industries to ensure safe, clean, uncontaminated and efficient operations. Hygienic measurement solutions are of particular importance in hygienic process equipment applications where the highest standards of cleanability must be maintained.

Hygienic Optimized Solutions

Hygienic process measurement instrumentation is engineered to meet the highest performance standards in cleaning and sanitization to help customers optimize productivity.

Food industries rely on the aggressive cleaning processes of Clean-in-place (CIP) and Sterilize-in-place (SIP) to achieve their cleaning and sanitization goals. CIP removes residual product to prevent contamination of a product and/or cross contamination of products while sanitization kills microorganisms and denatures proteins.

Hygienic level and flow control instrumentation, such as those manufactured by Magnetrol®, offers significant benefits to hygienic process equipment:

  • They are manufactured from stainless steel and other suitable materials, selected for their microbial resistance and polished to a surface finish that reduces the possibility of bacterial adhesion.
  • They feature seamless product designs without indentations or incorrect radii where bacteria can harbor and which limit effective cleanability.
  • They can withstand aggressive CIP and sanitization chemicals as well as steam sterilizing.

Hazardous Location Approvals

Level instruments for applications such as alcohol production, solvent extraction or solvent recovery may be required to meet explosion-proof (XP) standards. Due principally to the robust construction of its electronics housing, an XP instrument has been certified to withstand an internal explosion without allowing hot gases or flames to escape from the housing to trigger an explosion in the surrounding atmosphere. For example, the single-compartment, hygienic Eclipse® Model 705 guided wave radar transmitter is an intrinsically-safe device. In applications where XP approval and a hygienic probe are required, the twin-compartment ECLIPSE with a 7XF hygienic probe is an ideal solution.

There are many areas throughout the food and beverage industry where hygienic process equipment can benefit from high-quality level and flow instrumentation. Listed below are a few of these processes:


MAGNETROL has produced a special applications bulletin that includes more information about food and beverage industry applications as well as instrumentation for hygienic processing applications. Download the bulletin to learn more.



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