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Understanding Tank Bridle Level Measurement

Tank bridle level measurement is a technique with many advantages for monitoring process vessels and storage tanks. Learn more about these advantages and the instrumentation used for tank bridle measurement in this blog post. Continue reading

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Guided Wave Radar Instrumentation in Steam Drum and Feedwater Heater Applications

Many operators have questions and concerns about level instrumentation and how it can improve the efficiency and safety of their plants. Magnetrol® expert Donald Hite recently answered questions about guided wave radar as part of a power industry-focused webinar. Read his answers in this blog post. Continue reading

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Orion Instruments® Acquires ASME U Stamp Certification

Orion® Instruments is now certified as an ASME Section VIII, Division 1 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code facility. Learn more about how this helps Magnetrol® serve you better. Continue reading

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Technologies for Liquid Interface Level Measurement

Liquid level interfaces are used in a variety of processing applications. The need for interface level measurement arises whenever immiscible liquids–those incapable of mixing—reside within the same vessel. This blog post discusses available technologies for liquid interface level measurement. Continue reading

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