Thermatel® TA2 Nominated for Flow Control Innovation Award

Magnetrol® is pleased to announce that our Thermatel® TA2 thermal dispersion mass flow meter has been nominated for a 2015 Flow Control Innovation Award. This award program recognizes outstanding solutions for fluid movement, measurement and flow_control_innovation_awardscontainment. Flow Control is a widely distributed and well-respected fluid handling publication, and we are proud of the honor to be named a nominee.

The THERMATEL TA2 mass flow meter was recently updated to include an innovative new auto-switching feature, which enables it to automatically switch between calibration tables. This provides the most value in applications in which turndowns can be substantially higher than 100:1. The calibration tables can apply to the same gas, such as natural gas, for a low flow range and a high flow range. They can also measure two different gases with distinct low flow and high flow ranges.

The TA2 has been very successful in flare gas applications in part because of the lack of technologies available to make this measurement. Oftentimes, the gas is at extremely low flows and low pressures. Thermal mass flow meters are the most economical choice and continue to gain ground because of their versatility.

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