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Single and Dual Process Seal Standards for Process Fluid Containment

Over the years, well-defined standards have been established to address the requirements of process sealing between an electrical system and a process fluid, where a seal failure could allow the migration of the fluid into the electrical system. Defined by … Continue reading

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Level Control Applications for Geothermal Power

Geothermal reservoirs located deep underground provide powerful sources of heat energy. Drilling a geothermal well to a reservoir brings hot water and steam to the surface, where it is valued as a source of renewable energy. The three principal uses … Continue reading

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Key Questions Answered About Flow Measurement And Instrumentation

For two years, Flow Control’s thermal mass flow measurement technology portal has been an important resource for flow measurement and instrumentation data. Tom Kemme, our thermal dispersion product manager, answers questions about the technology in the portal’s Ask the Expert … Continue reading

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Displacer Level Transmitter Technology Offers Advantages Over Torque Tubes

Torque tube instrumentation has been a common solution for level control applications. However, many processing plants are converting to a displacer level transmitter, which uses range spring technology, for more reliable level measurement and control. Displacer level transmitters, such as … Continue reading

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