POWER Magazine Features Magnetrol® Article in August Issue

Improve Plant Heat Rate with Feedwater Heater ControlWe’re pleased to announce that an article by Magnetrol® was featured in last month’s issue of POWER magazine. The article, Improve Plant Heat Rate with Feedwater Heater Control, describes how substantial thermal performance losses can occur in feedwater heaters due to poor-performing level controls – and explains how minimizing these controllable losses can reduce heat rate and drive down a power plant’s fuel costs.

This article discusses three key issues related to feedwater heater performance and heat rate, including:

  • Cost of Heat Rate Deviation and Guidelines for Heat Rate: The first section of the article quantifies the substantial costs involved with unfavorable changes in plant thermodynamic performance, including how a 1% improvement (reduction) in heat rate could generate $500,000 in annual savings for a 500-MW plant.
  • Feedwater Heater Operation: Next, the article examines the physical difficulties of accurate level control, as well as the important role that feedwater heaters play within the plant steam cycle. This section discusses why reliable level controls are required, how you can monitor individual heater performance and the impact instrument-induced errors can have on heat rate.
  • Heat Rate Customer Case Studies: Finally, the article presents two short customer case studies showing the cost savings that accrued to power generation plants that successfully updated their feedwater heater level controls.

To learn more about heat rate, we invite you to read the POWER magazine article or download our free Heat Rate Kit.


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