Pulse Burst Radar (Non-Contact Radar) Can Be a Cost-Effective Alternative Compared to Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic level control technology has been valued as a cost-effective through air level control solution. Process engineers recognize that radar level transmitters outperform ultrasonic units, but have found the cost of radar difficult to justify.

Magnetrol® developed the Model R82 pulse burst radar (non-contact radar) to deliver reliable radar performance at a price competitive to ultrasonic technology – a first for the process industry.

As opposed to ultrasonic units, pulse burst radar technology remains virtually unaffected by turbulence, mist fog, condensation and most foam. This offers reliable performance in vapor-saturated atmospheres and other tough-to-measure environments, where ultrasonic technology can result in false readings.

Non-Contact Radar

The Model R82 transmitter provides a robust level control solution for a wide range of applications, including: water and wastewater tanks and sumps; general chemical storage; day, batch and feed tanks; liquids, slurries and viscous media; and food and beverage vessels.

Its competitive advantage over ultrasonic instrumentation has equated to significant operational benefits, such as reducing time spent checking faulty readouts, decreasing employee exposure to caustic media and minimizing de-icing and condensation cleaning.

Magnetrol has produced a video to demonstrate the benefits of cost-effective pulse burst radar compared to ultrasonic transmitters. Click here to view the video.



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