Learn How Improving Your Power Plant’s Feedwater Heater Performance Can Reduce Heat Rate and Increase Fuel Efficiency

Is your feedwater heater costing you in fuel efficiency? Do you know how to minimize these controllable losses?

Register for the informative “Heat Rate Awareness: Minimizing Controllable Losses Through Effective Feedwater Heater Level Control” Webinar to improve your feedwater heater performance and reduce your heat rate. You’ll learn:

* What the value of heat rate is to your business, and how heat rate correlates to return on investment.

* The key causes of feedwater heater inefficiency and subsequent effects on overall plant performance.

* How effective feedwater heater level control can maximize energy transfer and manage controllable losses.

If you’re in charge of engineering, efficiency, operations, maintenance or I&C/E&I at your power plant, plan on attending our Heat Rate Awareness Webinar to learn about feedwater heater performance and its effects on heat rate.

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